Before you take the leap into the world of probiotics, you probably have some questions about their use, their effects, and their safety. We’re answering some of those questions here.

Question #1: Do Probiotics Work?

No one wants to invest money in something that won’t deliver the results they’ve been promised. Probiotics are no different.

Luckily, more and more studies are surfacing that show the unique benefits of these diverse foods in a variety of enivronments.

As we stated in previous blogs, probiotic foods have been linked to a decrease in the symptoms of IBS and have been shown to help re-balance gut flora following treatment with antibiotics.

It can be helpful to add probiotics to your diet, even if you don’t have active digestive issues.

Progurt, the most powerful probiotic in the world, contains Multiple Human Probiotic Isolates. These are identical to those found in our guts at birth. This unique ingredient composition makes Progurt more effective than other probiotics.  

Question #2: Who Can Use Probiotics?

While we can’t speak on the efficacy or usage of other probiotic foods on the market, we can speak for Progurt.

Progurt is ideal for any individual who is looking to restore their gut balance.

This inclusivity extends to pregnant and breastfeeding people, vegans, and individuals recovering from illness. It also extends to individuals with cognitive issues, or individuals who have recently completed treatment with antibiotics.

Progurt even offers special kits for travelers who need extra digestion and hydration following a long flight.

Question #3: Are Probiotics Natural?

While we don’t have data or information for other probiotics on the market, we can confidently say that Progurt is all-natural.

We know you don’t want to consume unnatural ingredients. That’s why Progurt contains only clean, beneficial ingredients.

Are you ready to explore the most powerful probiotic foods on the market? Check out our online shop or peruse our FAQ section to learn more about Progurt.

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