Bob Lukasik Talks About Progurt

Progurt Yogurt

About 15 months ago, I stumbled upon the truly incredible product called Progurt.

Human beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in incredible doses. A Progurt sachet contains over 1 trillion beneficial bacteria per dose. You can consume it in the sachet form in fresh juice or water daily. Or, since it’s truly a food. You can incubate it to make delicious Progurt yogurt to consume daily.

Many people don’t realize that the typical probiotics that are available are main gut bacteria harvested and then cultured from cows, pigs, or plants. Some are even cultured soil bacteria.

My experience as a Clinical Nutritionist has demonstrated that while typical probiotics offer benefits (we need these bacteria to help digest our food, make vitamins, help detoxify, and help us make needed neuro-transmitters), often these benefits don’t stay with us long term. I suspect that it’s because the bacteria are not native to the human body and they don’t grow and develop and become resident in our GI tract.

The Progurt philosophy is: “Why not replenish your body that you were born with during a healthy natural childbirth?”

This resonated with me so strongly when I was first introduced to the founder of Progurt.

To simplify:

  • Replenish the body with native bacteria
  • Ensure that you have adequate and proper levels of key electrolytes
  • Make that there are proper prebiotics in your body to help these bacteria grow and colonize quickly.


This is so simple and yet so life changing.

For more information, and to order Progurt products, go to:

– Bob Lukasik, Clinical Nutritionist

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