Progurt for babies


From Bob Lukasik, Clinical Nutritionist:

I had a young mother call me the other day. Her pediatrician suggested that she call me.

Mom has a 2-month old child who has a whole host of early digestive issues:

    • Reflux
    • Food allergies and sensitivities
    • Constipation tied with occasional diarrhea

Her pediatrician has tried “compounded acid blockers,” and Mom couldn’t even remember all the other things that have been tried in her child’s short 8 weeks.

What better an occasion than to recommend Progurt in the yogurt form?

Here is a child who was born via C-section and who therefore didn’t have any natural bacteria. Using Progurt, we are setting the clock back to the original time of birth – now Progurt is the bacteria that the infant will have.

My recommendation was to make the yogurt in a very liquid form – so I suggested that she incubate for 4-6 hours and refrigerate. Then throughout the course of a day Mom would feed small amounts until her daughter got 2-3 ounces per day. Then if the baby tolerated it well she could increase the time of “cooking” making a richer, more potent probiotic.

Several weeks later, the child is doing well. Tolerates the yogurt. Symptoms have all but disappeared.

We will continue for several months to build up the baby’ Gi tract and I think that by 6 months we should be able to switch to a lower dose, maintenance plan.

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