Where Does All the Good Bacteria Go?

Good Bacteria


Bob Lukasik

Where Does All the Good Bacteria Go?

What kills the good bacteria in our bodies? We recently wrote about the impact that pharmaceuticals (antibiotics, steroids, antacids, etc.) have. All of this is very true.

Other factors include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Emotional strain
  • Plastics in rugs and fabrics
  • Processed foods and processed sugars

All these also have a negative effect on the everyday health of our good bacteria.

So, it’s not just what you eat (although we are learning that this is more true than we ever thought before) but it is true also that we are what we breathe, what we feel, and how we interact with our environment.

Just think about it – before World War II all of our fabrics were natural – clothing, carpeting, furniture coverings, and household materials like curtains and drapes.

Before World War II we had no processed foods – “Skippy” peanut butter didn’t exist. Most of our supermarket foods were purchased from the outside aisles (where stores commonly stock produce and meats). Much of our food was locally raised or locally grown – not shipped from foreign countries.

It wasn’t until thirty years ago that we found GMOS – (Genetically Modified Organisms) entering into our food supply. The likes of RoundUp and Glyphosate. Now, there are hundreds of modified substances. RoundUp is even entering into our Moms’ breast milk.

It’s a very different world than it was seventy-five years ago. Is it any wonder that the diseases afflicting us are different? When you realize that the beneficial bacteria are at least 60-70% of our immune system, is it any wonder that the diseases plaguing us are spreading?

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2 thoughts on “Where Does All the Good Bacteria Go?

  1. Probiotics are really very beneficial for good gut health. They are also good for anxiety and other health issues. Very nice post and thanks for such an informative piece of content.

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