Where Does All the Good Bacteria Go?

Good Bacteria


Bob Lukasik

Where Does All the Good Bacteria Go?

What kills the good bacteria in our bodies? We recently wrote about the impact that pharmaceuticals (antibiotics, steroids, antacids, etc.) have. All of this is very true.

Other factors include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Emotional strain
  • Plastics in rugs and fabrics
  • Processed foods and processed sugars

All these also have a negative effect on the everyday health of our good bacteria.

So, it’s not just what you eat (although we are learning that this is more true than we ever thought before) but it is true also that we are what we breathe, what we feel, and how we interact with our environment.

Just think about it – before World War II all of our fabrics were natural – clothing, carpeting, furniture coverings, and household materials like curtains and drapes.

Before World War II we had no processed foods – “Skippy” peanut butter didn’t exist. Most of our supermarket foods were purchased from the outside aisles (where stores commonly stock produce and meats). Much of our food was locally raised or locally grown – not shipped from foreign countries.

It wasn’t until thirty years ago that we found GMOS – (Genetically Modified Organisms) entering into our food supply. The likes of RoundUp and Glyphosate. Now, there are hundreds of modified substances. RoundUp is even entering into our Moms’ breast milk.

It’s a very different world than it was seventy-five years ago. Is it any wonder that the diseases afflicting us are different? When you realize that the beneficial bacteria are at least 60-70% of our immune system, is it any wonder that the diseases plaguing us are spreading?

You Are What You Eat! But Who Else Are You Feeding?

Organic fruit and vegetables


Hippocrates said it best: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Today we consume two thirds of our calories from processed foods, sugars, and alcohol.

The human body is meant to break down, digest, and assimilate naturally occurring proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. The body favors complex carbohydrates, but today we seem to favor feeding ourselves with simple carbohydrates – sugars!

According to one U.S. Government report, two hundred years ago the average American consumed two to ten pounds of sugar per year. Today the number is closing in on two hundred pounds per year. Think of it: that’s over one-half pound a day.

Startling facts, but how does this impact Progurt and healthy bacteria in our body? Natural, human bacteria thrive on a diet high in complex carbohydrates. The best is low-glycemic fruits and vegetables, free of pesticides, herbicides, and treatments that turn these foods into GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).

Those processed foods, sugars, and alcohol feed the “bad bacteria,” which are organisms like yeast, molds, and spores. The problem is that these “bad bacteria” are stronger and quickly become dominant in your body. In other words, the trillions that we take in on our Progurt therapy don’t stand a chance of growing and colonizing.

So the simple answer? A diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables free of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs. Try to focus on organic or locally sourced fish and animal protein.

Drink clean, purified water free of chlorine and other chemicals.

Hippocrates also said “The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.” To heal, we must make sure that we remove our “obstacles to health.”


Progurt for babies


From Bob Lukasik, Clinical Nutritionist:

I had a young mother call me the other day. Her pediatrician suggested that she call me.

Mom has a 2-month old child who has a whole host of early digestive issues:

    • Reflux
    • Food allergies and sensitivities
    • Constipation tied with occasional diarrhea

Her pediatrician has tried “compounded acid blockers,” and Mom couldn’t even remember all the other things that have been tried in her child’s short 8 weeks.

What better an occasion than to recommend Progurt in the yogurt form?

Here is a child who was born via C-section and who therefore didn’t have any natural bacteria. Using Progurt, we are setting the clock back to the original time of birth – now Progurt is the bacteria that the infant will have.

My recommendation was to make the yogurt in a very liquid form – so I suggested that she incubate for 4-6 hours and refrigerate. Then throughout the course of a day Mom would feed small amounts until her daughter got 2-3 ounces per day. Then if the baby tolerated it well she could increase the time of “cooking” making a richer, more potent probiotic.

Several weeks later, the child is doing well. Tolerates the yogurt. Symptoms have all but disappeared.

We will continue for several months to build up the baby’ Gi tract and I think that by 6 months we should be able to switch to a lower dose, maintenance plan.

Bob Lukasik Talks About Progurt

Progurt Yogurt

About 15 months ago, I stumbled upon the truly incredible product called Progurt.

Human beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in incredible doses. A Progurt sachet contains over 1 trillion beneficial bacteria per dose. You can consume it in the sachet form in fresh juice or water daily. Or, since it’s truly a food. You can incubate it to make delicious Progurt yogurt to consume daily.

Many people don’t realize that the typical probiotics that are available are main gut bacteria harvested and then cultured from cows, pigs, or plants. Some are even cultured soil bacteria.

My experience as a Clinical Nutritionist has demonstrated that while typical probiotics offer benefits (we need these bacteria to help digest our food, make vitamins, help detoxify, and help us make needed neuro-transmitters), often these benefits don’t stay with us long term. I suspect that it’s because the bacteria are not native to the human body and they don’t grow and develop and become resident in our GI tract.

The Progurt philosophy is: “Why not replenish your body that you were born with during a healthy natural childbirth?”

This resonated with me so strongly when I was first introduced to the founder of Progurt.

To simplify:

  • Replenish the body with native bacteria
  • Ensure that you have adequate and proper levels of key electrolytes
  • Make that there are proper prebiotics in your body to help these bacteria grow and colonize quickly.


This is so simple and yet so life changing.

For more information, and to order Progurt products, go to: https://probioticusa.com/

– Bob Lukasik, Clinical Nutritionist



Before you take the leap into the world of probiotics, you probably have some questions about their use, their effects, and their safety. We’re answering some of those questions here.

Question #1: Do Probiotics Work?

No one wants to invest money in something that won’t deliver the results they’ve been promised. Probiotics are no different.

Luckily, more and more studies are surfacing that show the unique benefits of these diverse foods in a variety of enivronments.

As we stated in previous blogs, probiotic foods have been linked to a decrease in the symptoms of IBS and have been shown to help re-balance gut flora following treatment with antibiotics.

It can be helpful to add probiotics to your diet, even if you don’t have active digestive issues.

Progurt, the most powerful probiotic in the world, contains Multiple Human Probiotic Isolates. These are identical to those found in our guts at birth. This unique ingredient composition makes Progurt more effective than other probiotics.  

Question #2: Who Can Use Probiotics?

While we can’t speak on the efficacy or usage of other probiotic foods on the market, we can speak for Progurt.

Progurt is ideal for any individual who is looking to restore their gut balance.

This inclusivity extends to pregnant and breastfeeding people, vegans, and individuals recovering from illness. It also extends to individuals with cognitive issues, or individuals who have recently completed treatment with antibiotics.

Progurt even offers special kits for travelers who need extra digestion and hydration following a long flight.

Question #3: Are Probiotics Natural?

While we don’t have data or information for other probiotics on the market, we can confidently say that Progurt is all-natural.

We know you don’t want to consume unnatural ingredients. That’s why Progurt contains only clean, beneficial ingredients.

Are you ready to explore the most powerful probiotic foods on the market? Check out our online shop or peruse our FAQ section to learn more about Progurt.


Immune System and the Gut | Progurt Probiotic

Did you know that 70%-80% of the immune system resides in the gut? No wonder it’s so important to take care of your digestive tract.  

As we strive to take better care of our bodies, education is key.  Part of that is  knowing how our body parts and organ systems are interconnected.

In the past, we’ve studied the gut-brain axis.

Today, we’re looking at the connection between the immune system and the human gut.

Immunoregulation and Your Digestive Tract

Most people don’t realize just how interconnected their digestive tract and immune system really are. In fact, the health of your digestive tract can have a direct impact on the performance of your immune defenses. Recent research has shown that an unbalanced microbiota in the gut can cause a host of health issues.

Which health issues have been linked to disturbances in the gut microbiome? Eczema, asthma, food sensitivities and various inflammatory ailments are just a few on the list.

Your immune system may be overreacting to stimulants like allergens. It may be sluggish in response to other ailments. Whatever your issue is, the bacteria in your gut can play a significant role in your immune response to that issue.

Probiotics (the good bacteria) can have beneficial effects on the intestinal mucosal defenses system, leading to some immune defenses against infection and inflammation.

Individuals who consumed probiotic foods in one study, for instance, showed some increased defense against the common cold. Other studies have shown probiotics to provide some defense against urinary tract infections. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Response to Gut Bacteria?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (sometimes known as Irritable Bowel Disease) is thought to be a direct response to the bacteria in the gut.

IBS is an extremely prevalent disorder, affecting approximately 10%-20% of the population. A large portion of research has shown that the gut microbiome is disrupted in individuals with the disease. Microbial populations in IBS patients is diminished.  

Some studies have shown that probiotic foods, especially those containing Bifidobacterium infantis, can help alleviate some of the symptoms of IBS.

Progurt: The Most Powerful Probiotics On the Market

Are you searching for probiotics that will help restore your GI tract to its optimal state?

ProbioticUSA is proud to offer Progurt, the most powerful probiotics on the market.

With our line of Progurt sachets and other products, you can take control of your digestive health. Learn why Progurt is different, and peruse our shop to find the probiotics that will work best for you and your immune system.

Have questions for us? Probiotic USA is here to guide you through the process of regaining optimal GI health with Progurt, which contains over one trillion live cultures.

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Probiotics vs. Prebiotics | Progurt Probiotic Yogurt

If you’re enthusiastic about your health, you’ve probably read plenty of articles about the benefits of probiotics. For digestive health and harmony, probiotic foods are a great addition to any diet.

As you’ve researched probiotics, read labels and studied ingredients, you may have come across  the term “prebiotics.” While the word itself sounds similar to probiotics, the two are actually very different. 

Let’s look at a few of those differences. 

What Are Probiotics?

Let’s go back to basics and re-learn exactly what probiotics are.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that can have a positive impact on the digestive tract. 

Probiotic microorganisms are the “good” bacteria that the human body needs to stay happy and healthy. High-quality probiotics can have a positive impact on your digestion, gut flora and even your mood. You can consume probiotics in the form of supplements or foods. 

Not all probiotics are equally effective, however. Some probiotic foods on the market don’t contain enough CFUs (colony-forming units) to deliver the results you’re expecting.

Progurt contains over 1 trillion CFUs and offers vegan options for individuals who want the benefits of probiotics without the animal products.

What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are important food ingredients that feed the beneficial bacteria found in your gut.

Prebiotics cannot be digested by the human gastrointestinal tract on their own. Instead, they pass through the gastrointestinal tract intact and are broken down in the colon, where they provide fuel for healthy gut bacteria.

Like all living things, the microbiota in your gut need nourishment to survive. Prebiotics provide that nourishment.

Where Can You Find Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are found in a number of foods. For instance, raw chicory root, onions, raw asparagus, raw garlic and Jerusalem artichoke have high prebiotic content.

Through their unique qualities, probiotics and prebiotics work together to create a healthy gastrointestinal environment and balance gut flora.

Have more questions about probiotics? Check our blog for regular updates.

Are you ready to explore the most powerful probiotics on the market? Check out our online shop and learn more about the power of Progurt.


Understanding the Gut-Brain Axis | Progurt Probiotic Yogurt

At ProbioticUSA, we’re always looking for ways to educate and inform our customers about the powers of probiotics.

In a recent blog, we discussed how probiotics can contribute to improved mood by impacting the pathway between the brain and the digestive tract.

But how exactly does that connection work within the human body?

Today, we’re looking at the gut-brain axis and how your digestive health can impact your mood.

The Enteric Nervous System: The Second Brain

Did you know that your Central Nervous System has a counterpart in your digestive tract known as the enteric nervous system? This complex system is located in your gastrointestinal lining and is composed of over 500 million neurons.

These cells are responsible for a number of digestive functions, including swallowing, enzyme release, and digestive blood flow. Through communication with the body’s CNS, the ENS is also able to trigger digestive responses that aid in human survival. The fight-or-flight response, for instance, can cause digestion to slow or cease altogether, allowing the body to focus all of its energy stores on survival.

The ENS can also have a profound influence on emotions and mood. After all, over 90 percent of the body’s serotonin is made in the digestive tract.

Stress + The Gut

Have you ever heard the saying “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach”? How about “go with your gut”?

These idioms are so popular because they’re universally relatable; everyone has experienced nerve-related nausea or upset stomach. This is due to the ongoing, bidirectional relationship between the CNS and the ENS.

Stress, for instance, can worsen gastrointestinal issues; in fact, recent studies note a direct link between IBS and anxiety disorders.

Similarly, an unhealthy gut can cause anxiety and stress. This become a vicious cycle; stress caused by an irritated, unbalanced gut causes more irritation and more unbalance…and on and on and on.

Taking Care of Your Gut

Many of us are on the hunt for ways to increase gut health–without the questionable ingredients and chemicals that many “digestion aids” contain. Probiotics can be a positive addition to your diet if your goal is to improve overall digestive harmony. With a balanced gut, many stress-related mood problems can also improve.

It’s important to choose probiotic foods that contain the very best ingredients.

That’s why ProbioticUSA is proud to offer Progurt, the most revolutionary probiotic in the world.

With our line of Progurt sachets and other products, you can control your probiotic intake and get on the path to improved gut health. Peruse our shop and find the probiotics that will work best for you!

Have questions for us? Probiotic USA is here to guide you through the process of regaining and maintaining optimal health with Progurt, the best probiotic, which contains over one trillion live cultures.

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Progurt Versatility | Probiotic Yogurt

In the United States, probiotics are not as widely used as they are in places like Europe and Scandinavia. However, probiotic foods are still among the most-used natural products in the country. A reported 3.6 million Americans regularly use probiotics for their beneficial effects.

You might have questions regarding safety, formula and quality if you’re interested in trying probiotic foods. After all, you don’t want to waste your money on products that aren’t safe and don’t contain the best ingredients.

Progurt is the new revolution in probiotics and contains the most powerful probiotic ingredients on the market.

Why is Progurt different? It’s a versatile probiotic that works for multitudes of individuals.  

With Progurt, you aren’t relegated to simply taking a capsule or eating a probiotic yogurt that has questionable ingredients. With Progurt, you have options.

Make Your Own Probiotic Yogurt

These days, you can never be too careful about what you put in your body. It’s hard to trust restaurants and manufacturers to make your foods with high-quality ingredients and not cut corners in the preparation.

When it comes to probiotic foods, you deserve to know you’re getting the powerful probiotic content you want and need.

With the Progurt Probiotic Incubator, you can be in control of how your probiotic food is made. It’s the perfect solution to producing powerful, high-quality probiotics in the comfort of your own home.

Choose Vegan Options

Progurt is proud to offer probiotics that are 100% vegan.

Our vegan kit is made especially for ethical vegans, with a unique blend of human probiotic isolates. It can be hard to find probiotic options that don’t utilize animal products. Progurt is proud to be a vegan-friendly source of powerful probiotics.

More Than just Probiotics

In addition to the most powerful probiotics in the world, Progurt also offers PH capsules that are full of beneficial minerals to help you maintain your best health.

Our Deep Ocean Salt PH capsules contain a natural, unrefined salt that can aid in gut health, help maintain hydration and contribute to an overall balanced diet.

Have questions for us? Probiotic USA is here to guide you through the process of regaining and maintaining optimal health with Progurt, the best probiotic, which contains over one trillion live cultures.

Contact us today to learn more about the power of Progurt.

The Unique Benefits of Probiotics

Benefits of Progurt Probiotic Yogurt

The human body is incredibly resilient and incredibly varied.

From person to person, cellular makeup changes drastically. In some individuals, there are up to 10X as many bacterial cells as there are human cells. For others, the ratio is nearly equal.

Despite the number of bacterial cells in your body, one thing remains true: many bacterial cells are extremely valuable. Some even provide benefits to your health. In fact, we’re born with a microbiome of cells that help protect us from digestive issues.

Probiotics can help you restore digestive harmony and can even offer relief from other health issues.

Check out these three surprising benefits to probiotics.

Probiotics Can Aid in Digestive Health

IBS is a surprisingly common disorder. In fact, IBS affects between 25-45 million people in the United States.

The exact cause of IBS is unknown, but many researchers believe it’s a disturbance in the brain’s interaction with the intestinal tract. Symptoms can range from mild discomfort to serious digestive issues, such as cramping, diarrhea, constipation and extreme pain. For many IBS sufferers, treatment is illusive and often ineffective.

Evidence has shown that IBS sufferers often have lower amounts of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium in their guts than individuals without IBS.

By adding beneficial bacteria to the gut, probiotics can positively impact the digestive health of individuals with IBS. Not all probiotics are created equal, however.

High-quality probiotics with a high number of CFU beneficial bacteria will perform better than probiotics sold on the mass market.

Probiotics Can Improve Your Mood

The gut-brain connection has been studied for decades. After all, being emotionally upset can directly affect the way your stomach feels. Nervousness can trigger nausea. Sadness can make it hard to eat or cause you to indulge in comfort foods beyond the point of simple hunger.

Similar to the way the brain affects the digestive tract, the digestive tract can also impact the brain.

A recent triple-blind study from the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity proposed that probiotic foods can significantly reduce “overall cognitive reactivity to sad mood.” Participants who were given a probiotic intervention showed fewer aggressive thoughts and less rumination than participants who were given a placebo for the duration of the study.

Probiotics Can Restore Gut Flora Following Antibiotics

Antibiotic medicines, while they help to remove harmful bacteria from your body, can also disturb the good bacteria that your digestive system needs. This can lead to diarrhea and intestinal discomfort. Probiotics help restore gut flora and bacterial balance. Following antibiotic treatment, restoration of gut flora is extremely important for continued health.

Progurt: The Most Advanced Probiotics in the World

If you want to experience the health benefits associated with probiotics, it’s important to choose probiotics you can trust.

Progurt is the most advanced probiotics in the world. Whether you prefer to consume probiotics in yogurt form or sachet form, you can perfectly measure your probiotic intake with Progurt’s range of highly-concentrated products.

With our Progurt Incubator, you can even be in charge of creating your own probiotic yogurt.

Have questions for our Progurt team? Contact us today.