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Progurt : The First Probiotic from Human Strain – Hear Our Stories!


An 8-year-old girl tragically loses her mother, left with her father and two brothers. From grief and stress, she develops colitis, which, by the age of twelve has her so weak her father has to carry her up the stairs and she cannot last through a school day. Her father, a pharmacist, wants to resist the commonly prescribed drugs for her condition, as he knows all about the difficult side effects. At his last visit to the gastroenterologist, he is told that the girls has to have her entire large intestine removed. Desperate with concern, he consults his friend, Bob Lukasik, our Clinical Nutritionist. Bob suggests that the girl take the strongest strain of probiotic on the market, called Progurt. Within 30 days, her colitis is gone.


A school teacher suffering from bowel issues also consults Bob Lukasik. She takes one sachet of Progurt at his suggestion, and she calls him, ebullient, the next day. “I only had one bowel movement yesterday. I usually have 15 a day!”


A local doctor took a powerful antibiotic for a limited amount of time, and – as is widely-known by pharmacists and doctors – suffered severe side effects from this drug. In debilitating pain, he sought Bob’s help, and purchased a supply of Progurt. He called several weeks  later to report that the pain was much diminished and he could go back to his medical practice.



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